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Each business is mapped out so you can easily locate it using Google maps

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You can interact with businesses directly through the app either by email, phone, text (sms) or visit their website.


Share with Friends and Family on Facebook or Twitter about the business you are patronizing. Login into the app, rate a business and leave a comment.


The app uses your current location to find businesses around you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my business?

If you are a black-owned business and would like it added to our app, please click on the "ADD YOUR BUSINESS" link above. Your business will be added once the enrollment fee is paid and your information has been reviewed.

How much does it cost to add my business?

The one time enrollment fee is $50. This will list your business on the app with your contact information, photo and location.

Where can I get the app and how much does it cost?

You can purchase Patronize on the App Store and Google Play. The price is $0.99.

What if I only have an online business, can I still be added?

Yes, your online business can still be added but a city and state where you operate is needed. Patronize is a locator app meaning it uses your location to find businesses around you. An address or city and state are needed to make this possible.

How often are businesses added?

Businesses are added daily so check the app often. Just because you are not seeing a lot of businesses in your area today does not mean that cannot change tomorrow. Businesses are added either by them registering or by finding out about them through others.

Can I update my own record?

Yes, you can update your information in your profile and the new information will added to your listing once reviewed.

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About Patronize

Patronize is a locator app that finds black-owned businesses in your area. New businesses are added everyday. When you select a listing, you can see a photo of the business (if available), the address, telephone number and also a brief description or history about the business. You can visit their website (if there is one available) directly from the app. You can call the business directly by tapping on the phone icon. If an email or mobile phone is available you can contact the business by text or email right from the app. Last but not least if you would like to Patronize the business you can click on the map icon and you will be taken to google maps with directions on how to get there.

Nadia Ruffin

App Creator

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